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Healing is a sacred journey, & whether you've been on the road to healed for a while, or have just taken your first steps, one of the most important things to remember is, healing is a process, & along the way we're all kinda healed "ish".

That's why we've created a mental health clothing line to support you while you do your sacred healing & self-care work. Self-care clothing brands are at the forefront of conversations about mental health.

Dealing with mental health issues can be difficult and sometimes feel lonely. We want to make sure conversations about mental wellness and sucide prevention aren't stigmatized.

healed-ish donates a prortion of sales to mental health organizations.

At healed-ish, we want to encourage every step you take, inspire you when things get rough & help you to laugh through it all.

Shop healed-ish because you deserve to celebrate your healing & self-care work!