Collection: Mental Health Stickers

Self-Care Stickers for Any Smooth Surface!

Looking for a way to celebrate and promote mental health? Look no further than our line of mental health awareness stickers! Made from durable vinyl, these stickers feature bold, inspirational messages like "Healing is Worth the Work", "Strong Men Heal" and "Working on My Woosah".

Whether you're looking to decorate your laptop, or car with encouraging mental health phrases or simply stick them to your furniture or any other smooth surface, our mental health stickers are the perfect way to boost your mental well-being and encourage self-love. They're the perfect addition to phone cases when you want to promote mental health awareness everywhere you go!

So why wait? Grab a few mental health stickers today and start spreading some mental health cheer!

Mental Health Magnets - Coming Soon!

Get the perfect pick-me-up for your kitchen today! Our mental health magnets provide a strong dose of motivational vibes with their encouraging sayings. Whether it's reminding you to prioritize self-care and mental health or showing support for improved mental wellness, these fridge accessories will give any cooking space an inspiring boost. So don't delay - add a mental health magnet to your cart and start spreading positive energy and mental health awareness at mealtime!

And remember to check out our blog! We've got some great tips like Working On My Woosah: Finding Relaxation in the Midst of Chaos and improving your mental health journey.