About Us

There’s no GPS app for your healing journey. No sign that will point to the shortest or easiest path to healed, and everyone’s journey is a little different. But no matter how long or challenging your healing journey has been, there’s one thing I know for sure… "HEALING is WORTH the WORK"!

Those are the words I heard ring through my mind as I celebrated my birthday in 2021. After spending decades focused on my mental health and wellbeing, after buying a library full of self-help books, after crying rivers of tears and spending a small fortune on workshops, conferences and therapy, I’d finally reached the place I'd been seeking my entire adult life. A place of true peace, happiness and healing.

That was the day healed-ish was born. healed-ish, because the journey is a process and it's worth celebrating every step! 👣

healed-ish is here to remind you that no matter how long you've been on your mental health journey, no matter how many times you've felt stuck, or maybe even wondered if you were moving in the wrong direction, EVERY step toward healing is WORTH the WORK and if you don't give up things will get better!

So, check us out! Grab some dope fashion to inspire yourself and others!

And remember... 

The journey to healed, begins with healed-ish! 😊🩹💜 

 ~ Stephanie,




P.S. Because healed-ish was born on my birthday, I'd love to celebrate yours! Drop your special date below & keep an eye on your mailbox 📪 when your birthday 🎂 draws near!