5 Mental Health Hoodies To Inspire You As You Heal

5 Mental Health Hoodies To Inspire You As You Heal

Inspiring Mental Health Hoodies

Wearing mental health hoodies can be a powerful source of encouragement and support on your healing journey. Many people who suffer from mental illnesses find encouraging messages helpful to get through the day. These unique apparel items feature motivational slogans and inspiring designs that speak to the experience of mental illness and serve as a reminder that you are not alone on your path to healing.

Whether you're looking for some extra motivation during difficult times or simply seeking to raise awareness about mental health issues, wearing mental health hoodies can help you stay positive and focused on your goals. So why wait? Take the first step on your healing journey today with a mental health hoodie from healed-ish!


Our Signature Mental Health Hoodie


Woman wearing a healed-ish mental health hoodie
Looking for a mental health hoodie that truly speaks to your journey towards healing? Look no further than the signature healed-ish mental health hoodie, with its vibrant design and empowering message. You'll get so many compliments about this message because mental health awareness is a hot topic everywhere you go!
This hoodie is perfect for anyone who knows that mental health is a process, not something that can be cured overnight. It's also a great message in support of suicide prevention because it encourages people to keep going!
This hoodie is made with materials of great quality and outfitted with all the features you need to stay comfortable and confident, this hoodie is the perfect companion on your journey towards mental wellbeing. So why wait? Get your healed-ish mental health hoodie today and start feeling stronger, braver, and more at peace with yourself than ever before!

Men's Mental Health Matters

Man wearing a Strong Men Heal mental health hoodie
We created a special mental health awareness hoodie for men to help them remember that their mental health is just as important as their physical health. Check out our fun and stylish Strong Men Heal mental health hoodies! This powerful message is a reminder that it takes strength to tackle a healing journey. Whether you're wearing it to encourage a friend or simply showing your own strength, these mens' mental health hoodies are must-haves for anyone who wants help improve a guys mood and support him on his healing journey. So why wait? Get yours today--and start spreading hope through fashion!

Your Mental Health is Worth the Work

Woman wearing a Healing is Worth the Work mental health hoodie
Traveling a mental health journey can be hard work! You may have to face days where your anxiety is trying to get the best of you. That's why you need something to keep you encouraged. We created our Healing is Worth the Work mental health hoodies for that very reason!
These comfortable and stylish garments are perfect everyday wear, whether at home or out running errands. And more importantly, they have an uplifting message about how we should view the important mental health work we do! 
These hoodies for mental health make great gifts too! So grab one for yourself & your bestie and keeping doing the work!

What is healed-ish?

Woman wearing a healed-ish definition mental health hoodie
If you're on a healing journey and determined to get to your healthiest, happiest place, our healed-ish definition mental health hoodie is the perfect for you!
This cozy reminds everyone that you may still be working out some issues on your journey, but you know maintaining your Woosah is the best way to stay encouraged! 
Grab one of these mental health hoodies so everyone you encounter will know what "healed-ish" really means!

Happy Mental Health Days Happen

Man wearing a Dope, Hydrated and Happy mental health hoodie
Everyday might not be perfect, but on those days when you're feeling great wearing this super comfy Dope, Hydrated and Happy mental health hoodie is the perfect way to proclaim your feelings to the world! So grab your water bottle and step outside to enjoy your dopeness!
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