Collection: Working On My Woosah!

What does Woosah mean?

What is Woosah?

You know those days when your shoulders seem attached to your ears, your neck feels like it's made of rocks, and you can't remember when you've taken your last deep breath? Then all of a sudden the problem you've been stressed about gets resolved and the tension just melts away?

That's Woosah!

Woosah Meaning

That place where your mind and body are relaxed and everything feels right with the world. But, Woosah isn't just a place, it's also a clarion call. It's the universal reminder to let it go! Let the stress go! Let the need to be in control go! Let it all go and just BE!

Work on your Woosah!

We all have those days when it feels like life is one big stress test. That's why we've created the Working On My Woosah Collection! Whether your favorite way to relax is meditation, taking a walk, coloring, or just giving yourself time to take several deep breaths, this collection is perfect for every relaxed occasion!

The collection includes self-care t-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs, so you can take your chill wherever you go. And, all of our Woosah products have avatars representing various skin tones because we know self-care is for everyone, so everyone should feel represented on their mental health journey!

So take a break, relax, and let the Working On My Woosah Collection help you get centered and find your Woosah! And if you need some additional tips, check out our blog,  Working On My Woosah: Finding Relaxation in the Midst of Chaos.

And after you've taken a breath, drank some water, and reclaimed your Woosah, you can celebrate your restoration with a little something from our Dope, Hydrated and Happy collection or let everyone know what healed-ish means with our healed-ish Definition collection.