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Funny Mental Health Apparel and Merchandise

Mental Health Awareness - You Can Laugh while you heal!

Sure, mental health is a serious matter, but no one ever said you can't laugh while you're on the journey! Are you ready to take charge of your well-being?

With the right attitude and a few good laughs, you can join the journey at healed-ish! We know mental health matters – and we think it's time to bring a little humor into conversations about depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other issues faced by men and women just like you!

At healed-ish, we believe part of normalizing conversations about mental wellness includes being able to laugh while we do our work. 

So, let’s make the path to well-being- one that is filled with healing AND tons of laughter!

Funny Shirt Sayings For Adults

Get ready to spread some positive vibes in our funny mental health apparel! Our collection of tees, tanks, hoodies, and more is full of humorous messages that will help keep things light while showing your support for heavy issues that affect us all. Wear these fashionable pieces with pride – it’s time to make a statement about mental health awareness!

What do you do when your therapist is on vacation?

When your therapist goes on a much-needed trip, what's the solution for when those pesky people drive you up the wall? One answer: laugh it off! Whether they're driving too slow in front of you or pestering you with their constant nagging; we've got some therapy humor that will help you have a good chuckle and shake that stress off. A funny therapy quote might not be the solution to all your problems, but that and some sage might help you to relax until your therapist gets back in town! 

Inspiration and Celebration Too!

 If you like our funny mental health shirts, you'll love our messages for times of celebration like our Dope, Hydrated and Happy Collection which will leave you feeling empowered!

We've also got a collection called Strong Men Heal for men who value their healing journey!

So, take a look around. Whatever your healing mood is, we've got something just for you!