a woman and a man wearing healed-ish trendy sweatshirts with sayings

Trendy Sweatshirts With Sayings That Inspire Mental Health Awareness

The days when a person could only celebrate their mental health awareness on the inside are long gone. Nowadays, with the help of amazing products like the ones at healed-ish, you can display your commitment to improving your mental health proudly on the outside as well! healed-ish offers a great selection of inspirational sweatshirts and trendy sweatshirts with sayings that will let everyone know that you’re serious about making your mental health a priority. 

Inspirational Sweatshirts: Wear Your Mental Health Motivation

Looking for a physical reminder that becoming your best self is possible? Consider wearing a "Becoming My Best Self" sweatshirt from healed-ish. Not only does becoming your best self require hard work, but it also requires resilience during difficult times; this product reminds you of both. Through making positive lifestyle choices and practicing gratitude, we can all become our most authentic selves over time. 

two women and a man wearing healed-ish sweatshirts

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Strong Men Heal

If you’re looking for a way to show men of all ages—whether they be sons, fathers, or friends—that healing is possible, then pick up a Strong Men Heal sweatshirt. This message is especially powerful for those who might hesitate to seek mental health care because of the stigma associated with it. This Strong Men Heal sweatshirt is a reminder that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness it's a sign of strength!


Healing is Worth the Work

Another popular item from healed-ish featuring an important reminder is our Healing Is Worth The Work sweatshirt. Mental health struggles take grit and effort to overcome, and sometimes the process feels sort of overwhelming. Donning this sweatshirt is a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with talking about mental health and seeking guidance from professionals if necessary. 


healed-ish: 'Cause it's a Process!

One of the coolest items at healed-ish comes from our signature collection, healed-ish: Cause It's A Process. sweatshirt; because it really is! We won’t always feel completely healed every single day or have every issue resolved right away; rather, working towards good mental health requires continual effort throughout life so why not celebrate these small victories? Both mentally and physically support yourself through ongoing recovery by wearing this beautiful tribute towards perseverance and determination on your sleeve (literally!).  

Whether you grab one item or multiple pieces from healed-ish’s extensive range of inspiring apparel, make sure to share them around! It’s never too late to remind yourself (and everyone else!) how important self-care is and there's no better way than doing so via some awesome clothing gear!

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