Woman wearing a My Therapist is Black Like Me! Hoodie

Practicing Black Joy with Black History Month Hoodies

Black Joy: A Path to Liberation and Healing

Black joy is a powerful and often overlooked form of self-expression, liberation, and healing. It is an act of resilience that asserts the humanity of African Americans in the face of systemic oppression. Practicing Black joy serves as a tool for individuals to cope with trauma, connect with their culture, and find strength in their community.


man wearing a My Therapist is Black hoodie

Finding a good Black therapist can play a key role in tapping into Black Joy! Experiencing culturally competent therapy is a necessary part of our healing journey. Our "My Therapist is Black Like Me!" Black History Month hoodies celebrate the importance of Black therapists not only during February, but every month of the year!


The Power of Being Unapologetically Joyful

At its core, practicing Black joy means being unapologetically happy despite the challenges that come with living as a black person in America. By engaging in acts of joy such as dancing, singing, storytelling, or simply enjoying life’s simple pleasures like good food or spending time with loved ones, African Americans are able to reclaim their power in a world where they are often denied it. Through these small acts of joy, individuals can assert their autonomy and freedom from an oppressive system.

Practicing Black Joy As A Source Of Strength And Resilience

In the face of adversity, practicing Black joy helps build resilience by providing emotional support and strength when needed most. When life gets tough—whether it be due to racism or other forms of discrimination—Black joy can be used as an outlet to help us push through difficult times. By leaning on our friends and family members who also practice Black joy we can draw strength from each other during hard times. Furthermore, engaging in acts of Black joy can also serve as a reminder that we are resilient and capable—that no matter how tough things seem right now we will make it through this moment stronger than ever before.

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"I Choose To Rest" Black History Month hoodie

Rest is a crucial part of Black joy. When we choose to rest, we not only give ourselves the care we need, we also remember and celebrate our ancestors who were denied the freedom to rest.

The Impact Of Practicing Black Joy On Our Mental Health

Engaging in practices that bring us joy can have a positive impact on our mental health by providing an outlet for stress relief and helping us build meaningful connections with others who share similar experiences. In addition to providing comfort during difficult times, practicing black joy also encourages self-care which is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health. Self-care activities like getting enough sleep or taking time out for ourselves can help reduce stress levels which positively impacts our mental wellbeing overall.

Practicing black joy is an important form of self-expression, liberation, and healing that allows African Americans to reclaim their power against systemic oppression while building resilience through connecting with their culture and community. These small acts of joy provide comfort during difficult times while also encouraging self-care activities like getting enough sleep which have positive impacts on our mental health overall. By embracing the power of being unapologetically joyful we can create lasting change for African Americans everywhere — one act at a time!

At healed-ish, we feature Black owned hoodies that celebrate our culture and our mental wellness everyday of the year! Check out our Black History Month hoodies and practice Black joy in style!

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