Embracing Radical Self-Care With Black History Month Clothing

Embracing Radical Self-Care With Black History Month Clothing

It’s always important to reflect on the power of Black History Month and its relevance in our lives. While we celebrate the month by learning more about influential African Americans, their stories and legacies, let's remember it's also important to celebrate by caring for ourselves here & now!

What if we took it one step further? What if this month was dedicated to radical self-care? Let’s explore how to do just that.

This Black History Month, consider how physical health and life can be enhanced with radical self-care. Step out of the traditional expectations, and look to Angela Davis, a mental health advocate, for inspiration. Davis said, "Radical simply means grasping things at the root." With time for physical activity or creative outlets that promote physical health, we can promote wellness in ourselves and our community from the root. Let’s embrace a new way of looking at physical health, one that goes beyond what society usually expects of us and instead nurtures our own needs. When we prioritize physical wellness combined with meaningful connections, then we, too, can join Davis in advocating for radical self-care this Black History Month!

What is radical self-care?

Radical self-care isn't self-indulgence, it is an intentional practice of recognizing our needs and making space to meet those needs with dedication and enthusiasm. Radical self-care sometimes means you must demand space and make your self-care a priority. It can take on many forms, such as journaling, meditation, yoga, or simply carving out time for yourself each day to focus on your well-being. It can also mean taking proactive steps towards getting involved in causes you're passionate about or creating art that speaks to your soul. Whatever form it takes for you, the key is consistency; radical self-care requires that you take responsibility for your mental well-being and put yourself first every day.


Remembering The Past with Rest & Resistance


Young man wearing an I Choose To Rest t-shirt

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What Radical Self-Care Involves

Radical self-care is especially important during Black History Month because it allows us to focus on ourselves while still acknowledging the struggles and victories of our ancestors. We are not just honoring those who came before us; we are actively engaging with them by taking care of ourselves and building meaningful connections between the past and present. Radical self-care also serves as an act of resistance against oppressive forces that seek to control us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. By challenging these forces through assertive acts of love towards ourselves, we are empowering ourselves and others around us in a tangible way.


How can I practice radical self-care?

Practicing radical self-care can look different for everyone but there are some universal principles that apply across the board. First and foremost, try to remove any guilt or shame associated with putting yourself first – you don’t have anything to apologize for! Next, think about what small changes you can make right now that will help you feel better both immediately and long term (such as taking a break from social media). Finally, be open-minded when trying new things – sometimes it takes a few tries before finding something that truly resonates with you!


This Black History Month let's use the momentum of celebration to engage in radical self-care practices together. We owe it to ourselves—and our ancestors—to prioritize our wellbeing so that we can show up in service of each other fully recharged every single day! Let's commit today to giving ourselves permission to put ourselves first no matter what society tells us otherwise . Now go forth and do your best work! 💪🏾

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