Comfort Toys: How They Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Comfort Toys: How They Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress Toys For Adults

We know fidget toys and spinning rings are all the rage, but did you know stuffed animals can also be great comfort toys for both kids and adults?

Comfort toys can be extremely helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. So, if you're looking for something to help you de-stress, keep reading to learn how a comfort toy might be your next best purchase!

1. Comforting toys can provide a sense of security

When we feel anxious or stressed, our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode. This response is designed to protect us from danger, but it can also make us feel very uncomfortable. Comfort toys can help to ease this feeling by providing a sense of security. They can also help to distract us from our problems and allow us to focus on something else. 

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2. Stress Toys for Anxiety

Comfort toys can help improve sleep. If you're someone who struggles with anxiety or stress, you may find it difficult to fall asleep at night. This is because your mind is racing and you're constantly thinking about your problems. Comfort toys can help to relax your mind and body, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

An Anxiety Toy Story  

Kate, a busy corporate executive shared a story about her experience                                        with anxiety toys.
"When I was younger, I used to suffer from really bad anxiety. It was so bad that I would often have panic attacks. My parents did everything they could to help me, but nothing seemed to work.
Then, one day, my mom came home with a special surprise for me. She bought me a stuffed animal that she said might help me relax. And it worked!
Every time I felt overwhelmed or panicked, I would cuddle with my furry friend and within minutes I would start to feel better. Cuddling with that stuffed animal became a regular part of my bedtime routine, and it helped me get through some tough times.
As I grew older, my need for my comfort toy decreased and when I left for college, my loyal stuffed companion stayed in my childhood room.
Thirty years later, while struggling through a difficult time at work, I found myself once again dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. One day while shopping with a friend, I saw an adorable teddy bear in a store window. Memories of my childhood comfort toy flooded my mind, so I took a chance, walked into the store and purchased the teddy bear. 
I stood there in the store hugging that stuffed animal like my life depended on it and to my surprise the same sense of relaxation and wellbeing I'd experienced as a child washed over me. Apparently the magic of a comfort toy still worked!"


3. Stress Relief Toys

Comfort toys can also help to boost our moods. When we're feeling down, a cuddly toy can provide us with some much-needed support. Looking into the happy face on our comfort toy can give us the same feeling we have when looking into the face of a dear loved one. This sense of pleasure can boost our mood.


healed-ish Comfort Bear


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