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Black History Month Shirts That Celebrate Mental Health Awareness

Celebrating African American History

The month of February is a special time to celebrate the accomplishments and legacy of African Americans, and wearing Black History shirts can be a great addition to your celebration. Black History Month is also an opportunity to recognize the importance of mental health awareness and its connection to Black history.

Black History Month Shirts:

Black history t-shirts offer an inspiring way to recognize and honor African American history and mental health awareness, while also promoting diversity and unity among all people. Women, men, and the whole of our diverse population can now shop from a t-shirt store that is making a statement about Black history and how it connects to the importance of mental health awareness. Thanks to t-shirts like these, we can show off our strength and support for our Black community in a creative way that allows us to spread the message of awareness and care throughout the entire world.

Here are a few unique Black History Month shirts you can wear on your journey to self-love, growth, and healing.


I Choose To Rest Because My Ancestors Couldn't Shirt

Show the world your strength by honoring those that walked before you and their tireless efforts. Wear this t-shirt this Black History Month as a reminder to take care of yourself as you celebrate the accomplishments of your ancestors.

Resting is an act of resistance; honoring yourself allows for continued journey ahead and passing on legacy left behind. Make a stand for self-care and be proud of your heritage, from Africa through the diaspora, each time you slip on this shirt.

man wearing a My Therapist is Black Like Me! t-shirt

Celebrate Black History Month with this inspiring ‘My Therapist is Black Like Me’ t-shirt!

Show your support for those making strides with culturally competent therapy and self-care practices. Research has increasingly highlighted the need for mental health practitioners who reflect the racial and cultural background of their clients, and this t-shirt recognizes that zeitgeist - proudly exclaiming to the world that you know it too! The phrase on this shirt is a powerful reminder that no matter where life takes us, there can be strength in encompassing all parts of our identity. Grab your My Therapist is Black Like Me t-shirt today and wear it as a testament to your pursuit of inner growth and pride in yourself.

young woman wearing a Dope Black Chick on a Healing Journey t-shirt

This Dope Black Chick on a Healing Journey T-shirt is the perfect way to show your support for Black History month and mental health awareness. The bold, beautiful design conveys an inspiring message of self-love and healing; reminding us that we’re all worthy of embracing inner peace.

This shirt celebrates being true to yourself and standing out in a crowd. By buying this product, you’ll join us in sending a powerful message of acceptance and resilience to all people celebrating their Black pride and self-care. Plus, you'll look chic while doing it! Come get dope with us–you’re worth it!

This Black History Month, let's celebrate our past while promoting mental health awareness at the same time! Wear Black History Month clothing all year round as a way to show your pride in black achievements and promote self-love too! Mental health matters—let's keep talking about it!

Show appreciation for the unique beauty of Black history and mental health awareness by grabbing a t-shirt that celebrates both. Not only are these shirts affordable and stylish, but they also serve as a reminder to actively care for one’s mental well-being. For a great price, you can show off your positive attitude with these uplifting message shirts. Check out our store and pick up yours today and join the movement in shining light on the unique resilience of Black history and mental health awareness!

And if you're looking for a self-care attitude pickup, check out these long sleeve mental health tees!

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